Product & Service

Insider Threat ManagementITM

Analyze and discover enterprise internal risks and anomalous employee behaviors. Monitor and control risky users intelligently and in real-time.

Unified Content Security ServerUCSS

As the central management platform, manage all the registered security components for DLP, Web, Email, endpoint, mobile, CASB, and UCWI, etc.

Data Security GatewayDSG

Employ deep content analysis to identify, monitor and protect all data in enterprise network including static data, data in move and data in use.

Advanced Secure Web GatewayASWG

Provide unparalleled protection against advanced threats and data theft in Web channel.

Unified Content Security ClientEndpoint

Monitor all data transmissions on client devices including file sharing, email sending and receiving, Web browsing, and application accessing. Protect before data processing.

Advanced Secure Email GatewayASEG

Provide unparalleled protection against mixed attacks and targeted attacks in email channel.

Mobile Access GatewayMAG

Provide effective protection against data theft, data loss, malicious applications and Web threats in mobile channel.

Unified Content WebService InspectorUCWI

Provide deep content security inspections via RESTful API.

Cloud Access Security BrokerCASB

Provide comprehensive protection including visibility, compliance, data security, and intrusion prevention on cloud applications.

Sensitive Content ScannerSCS

Integrate advanced mobile security technologies in our mobile scanners, and register them to a special audit and inspection platform to detect sensitive contents stored in endpoint computers.

Gartner Recognition

Listed as a Gartner Representative Vendor for EDLP

  • Owning leading technologies
  • Serving enterprise customers
  • Supporting Data Security Governance (DSG) & compliance

Listed as a Gartner Representative Vendor for Email Security

  • Being essentially different form traditional email security technologies
  • Serving all industries

Listed as a monitored vendor in Gartner Magic Quadrant for CASB

  • Being technologically visionary
  • Supporting multi-cloud security management
  • Supporting Data Security Governance (DSG) & compliance

Jointly released technical white paper for privacy and email security protection with Gartner

  • Human-Centric Data Protection -
  • Privacy Protection in the era of Data Integration
  • Advanced Email Security Gateway Technology -
  • Bi-directional email security protection

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