Cloud Application Data Security

  • Cloud Sensitive
    Content Analysis

  • Cloud Application Data Security Analysis Platform

  • Cloud Application Data Transaction
    Monitoring & Protection

Cloud Access Data Security

  • Remote Endpoint Data Protection
  • Remote Mobile Data Protection
  • Branch Office Data Protection
  • Cloud Data Protection & Behavior Analysis

Technical Advantage

Hybrid Deployment

  • Support various deployment scenarios including public cloud, private cloud, and industry cloud
  • Enable unified security policy orchestration between network channel and endpoint channel
  • Require no hardware device for deployment

Threat Prevention

  • Provide all-round network protection against anti-virus, malicious URLs, and Trojan
  • Provide high-performance engine to analyze all requests and responses
  • Support security analysis on SSL encrypted contents

Data Security

  • Cover all devices including endpoints, network and application data security
  • Enable unified data security policy orchestration in the entire enterprise business scope
  • Provide full visibility for static data, data in move and data in use.


  • Prevent data breach of enterprise sensitive information
  • Protect personal privacy
  • Protect enterprise data assets