Centralized Management


  • Discover confidential data automatically from enterprise internal cloud servers and Shadow IT environments
  • Provide a centralized report view for all user behaviors and all endpoint incidents


  • Ensure the same level of compliance for your IT system after cloud migration
  • Evaluate the trust status of cloud service providers, enable content monitoring and log auditing

Data Security

  • Provide comprehensive protection from all dimensions including user, device, content and application, etc
  • Utilize data security technologies of DLP, encryption, tokenization, and so on, to prevent cloud data breach

Risk Mitigation

  • Monitor cloud data use and resource consumption
  • Identify risks and mitigate in time

Unique Selling Point

  • Protect data security
  • Improve business productivity
  • Manage security policies and incidents centrally on the UCSS Management Platform
  • Enable behavior monitoring
  • Enable realtime policy control
  • Enable advanced threat protection
  • Enable full visibility