UCS Components

Data Loss Prevention

Provide identification, monitoring and protection on data at rest, in motion, and in use.

Advanced Secure Web Gateway

Provide best-of-breed protection against advanced threat and data theft.

Advanced Secure Email Gateway

Provide advanced email protection against complex threats and targeted attacks

Mobile Access Gateway

Provide secure data transmission and storage, including Web and email contents, and application management as well for mobile business.

Sensitive Content Scanner

Provide best-of-breed protection for accessing Web and email content no matter where the user is.

Unified Content Security Server

Provide unified management and analysis for DLP, ASWG, ASEG, endpoint, mobile, CASB, UCWI, etc

Value Propositions


Unified Security Management

Reduce cost in enforcement and deployment thanks to its simple and convenient policy configuration.
Reduce cost in procurement, operation, and maintenance thanks to its flexible hybrid deployment scenario options of on-premise and cloud.


Content-Aware Risk Analysis

Provide interconnection and prediction using content & behavior based big data security analysis.
Place enterprises in a comfortable place against current and future potential threats.


Security & Business Balance

Minimize impacts to work efficiency by providing transparency in security works and tenacity in incident workflow.
Strike a perfect balance between security and business operation.