Technical Advantage

Standard API

Provide standard RESTful API for content and threat inspection both on-premise and on cloud. Enable business systems with content awareness. Provide both synchronous and asynchronous communication modes and enable cloud access through S3, OSS, CoS, and SWIFT.

Threat Detection

Enable detection on virus, Trojan and threat. Provide analysis results to business system. Update cloud virus database in real time to scan for the latest viruses and threats.

Sensitive Content Detection

Provide sensitive content detection. Integrate with DLP Content Analysis Engine (CAE) seamlessly and return detection results to the business system. Support data classification, keyword, dictionary, regularization, fingerprint, machine learning, data tags and other content classifiers.

Multi-Channel Coverage

Provide content detection via HTTP channel, email channel. Allow custom WebService application. Return test results to business system.

Full-Traffic API Monitoring

Record all API requests for content analysis and full-traffic virus scan. Provide traffic report and threat report on business systems for each specific business category, channel, and test result, etc.

Flexible Deployment

Support business-system-independent deployment and fit in all use cases with exceptional flexibility and scalability. Require no change on enterprise network architecture. Support various physical and virtual platforms. Enable deployment on both public and private cloud with minimum cost and immediate Return Over Investment (ROI).

Unique Selling Points

Flexible, Scalable, Low Cost and Fast to Deploy

Integrate with enterprise business application system and provide management capabilities. Provide RESTful API as a vehicle to send contents for inspection from enterprise applications to UCWI, and to display the returned analysis results. Provide a complete set of UCWI platform to host various enterprise applications for truly unified security management.

State-of-the-art Content Detection Technologies

Provide technologies of Natural Language Processing (NLP), comprehensive fingerprinting, machine learning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), data classification, predefined data templates, keyword, regular expression, dictionary, and file type, etc.

Flexible Integration & Association with Enterprise Applications

Provide real time content inspection, content detection on a specific file path, incident query, and forensics query to facilitate the communication between enterprise application system and UCWI. Provide deep content inspection on data transmission in the entire business application delivery process. Enforce application-scenario data security inspection on file exchange and transmission beyond enterprise network perimeter, and application data sharing.