Technical Advantage

Complete isolation between enterprise applications and personal applications, including data isolation.

Enterprise application data is under stringent control. Behaviors including download, upload, copy, paste, screen capture, and data encryption are either monitored or blocked by mobile endpoint DLP.

Enterprise applications communicate with internal servers via encrypted channels. The data stored in the applications are encrypted with high security standards to avoid data breach even when the applications are compromised.

MAG integrates content analysis engine to enable data discovery for enterprise applications hosted in security domain, and to ensure the data residence is compliant with enterprise data security regulations.

Enterprise employee are kept unaware of the migration. They do not have to change their user habits on any personal mobile applications.

Unified Management

Data Security

  • Consider all factors including application, user, time, and location, etc.
  • Provide various data security technologies including DLP, data encryption, and traffic analysis, etc. to prevent data breach.


  • Keep enterprise applications compliant with laws and regulations.
  • Provide content monitoring and log auditing on the data stored in enterprise internal mobile applications.


  • Display all the current mobile applications and client devices in an enterprise in a centralized view panel.
  • Display all mobile application details and client device details, and enable security administrators to monitor, block, and record user activities when necessary.

Behavior Analysis

  • Monitor enterprise application data and network traffic flow.
  • Integrate big data and machine learning technologies for behavior analysis.

Feature Highlights

  • Unified Enterprise Application Store
  • Unified User Experience (Covering All Devices & Platforms)
  • Unified Identity Management
  • All-Round Protection
  • Device Trust Based Conditional Access
  • User-specific Compliance Policy
  • VPN Application for Secure Communication
  • Web DLP Integration