Technical Advantage

Unified Management

Managing all security modules including DLP, ASEG, ASWG, Endpoint, CASB, Mobile and UCWI on a single platform to avoid any unmanaged silo.

High Performance data Storage & Analysis

Adopting the data storage technology of Elasticsearch for second-level searching and reporting of logs and incidents.

Report Builder

Using the best-of-breed Report Builder component to generate enterprise tailor-made reports and data templates.

I18N Support

Providing internationalization (I18N) for Management Platform Graphic User Interface (GUI) and online help.

Multi-Layered Management

Allowing to assign subordinate administrators to manage users and apply security policies only within a specific management scope.

Large Screen Mode

Allowing to project real-time data on a large screen with scrolling updates to show violation regions, incident logs and exact violation locations.

Email Approval Manager (EAM)

Integrating Email Approval Manager (EAM) to detect classified email content while ensuring friction-less business operations.

Clustered Management Platform

Supporting clustered management of multiple management platforms to improve the overall managing and storage capacity while ensuring High Availability (HA) via either independent HA DB peripherals or other storage solutions.